NC Power Supply Module/Charger DC 5~23V to 0~16.5V 3A Adjustable Buck Voltage Regulator/Adapter/Driver Module With LCD Voltmeter/Ammeter/Capacity Indicator

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It is a NC Charging module/Voltage Regulator,  Input voltage: DC 5~23V, Output voltage: DC 0~16.5V, Output current: 3A Peak, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Suitable for DIY an adjustable voltage regulated power supply, Charging module, Industrial equipment Voltage convert, Power Supply Transformers, Laptop Power Supply, Batteries Buck, Car Power Supply, LED drive,Advertising screen,Monitoring System etc

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Our module display used STN LCD screen, blue background and white digit, can be clearly seen in any angle.
The large screen displays the voltage and current simultaneously, clearly visible.
● With two amazing button adjusting the voltage, which can withstand thousands of times press, one for reducing voltage, one for increasing voltage; simply press to fine adjust 0.04V, long press 1s for quickly adjusting.    Compared to similar potentiometer regulators, it's more convenient and easy to use.
● Our step-down module adopted imported MP2304 chip; high efficiency, low heat.
● With terminal blocks, designed to conveniently use even without no soldering iron.
● Input voltage: DC 5~23V, recommend the use of within 20V. (Input voltage must be 1V higher than the output voltage.)
● Output voltage: DC 0~16.5V, continuously adjustable.(Automatically saves the last set voltage.)
● Output current: 3A Peak, recommend the use of within 2A. (Over 2A, please enhance heat dissipation.)
● Accuracy: 1%
● High conversion efficiency: up to 95%
● Load regulation: S (I) ≤0.8%
● Voltage regulation: S (u) ≤0.8%
● Size: 62 x 44 x 18mm
Calibration instructions:
  • The module has calibration function, no need to worry if the measurement is not accurate.
  • If you find that the measuring values are not accurate or values are stuck, and left and right buttons can not adjust  voltage, please do as follow:
Calibration method:
● First, in the case of power off, press and hold the left button and don't access to power, then the display starts flashing, release the button.
● Next, measure the output voltage with a multimeter and press the left and right button to adjust the value until the multimeter displays close to 5V, such as 4.98V, 5.02V.
● Finally, access to power, then the calibration is complete. Error can be less than 0.04V, if the error is larger, you can try again.
Package included:
  • 1 x DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Power Supply Module (Charger/Adapter With LCD Voltmeter/Ammeter/Capacity Indicator)


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