30W Adapter/Power Supply Module DC 5~32V to 0~30V 1.5A Adjustable Voltage Regulator /Adapter/Driver Module CNC Power Converter + Voltmeter

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It is Power Adapter Adjustable Voltage Regulator, Output Power: 30W max, Output Current: 1.5A, 3A Max, above 1.5a please adding heat sink, small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use

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  • Input voltage: DC 5~32.0V (we suggest you to leave margin)
  • Output voltage: DC 0~30.0V
  • Output current: 1.5A Max (please enhance cooling when > 1.5A)
  • Output power: 30W Max
  • Output voltage preset resolution: 0.1V
  • Voltage testing accuracy: +/-(1%+2 digits)
  • Wiring connection:
  • IN+: connect IN+ to your Input Positive
  • IN-: connect IN- to your Input Negative
  • Out+: connect OUT+ to your Output Positive
  • Out-: connect OUT- to your Output Negative

How to use:

  • 1.ON/OFF is the output voltage control button. when connect the power supply, the default option is to turn on the output voltage. press the button will turn off the output voltage. then press it again can turn on the output voltage again, followed by recycling.
  • 2.The two buttons named IN & OUT (which are on the left of the digital display) can switch between current input voltage and output voltage.
  • 3.SET key is to set the output voltage. Press SET shortly, the decimal place of output voltage flashes. press the two buttons named + & - to increase or decrease the value, thereby setting the decimal place of output voltage. after select the required value of decimal place, press SET again and the integral place of output voltage starts flashing. with the same two buttons can set the required value by using the same method. when the required value is set, press the SET to quit setting. if you don't press the SET key, the setting will be automatically quitted after 6 seconds and the item will store the current setting value.


  • 1.Please make sure that you use this module within its working range; do not output short-circuit or charge the battery, otherwise the board would burn.
  • 2.When you set the parameter, please use the module after you make sure output voltage is stable to avoid any possible damage.
  • 3.Please check the function of each button before you operate the item.

Package Include:

  • 1 x DC/DC Converter (Adjustable Voltage Regulator/Power Adapter)
  • 1 x heat sink
  • 4 x Screw


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