12V Constant Voltage 30W/2A DC/DC Electric Power Volt Converter 4.5-23V to 0-20V

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It's a DC buck converter, overvoltage and overcurrent, input voltage range DC 4.5-23V, output voltage DC 0-20.0V,Output current : Maximum 2A,Output power :  Maximum 30W.Built-in digital display, with a digital voltmeter functions, with buttons for easy viewing preset voltage, input voltage, output voltage, including all sorts of more practical features, more humane, visualization.

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Technical parameters:
  • Module Properties : Constant Voltage Numerical Control Buck Power Supply Module
  • Dimension: 48x31.5x21mm (L*W*H)
  • Weight: 20 g/piece
  • Input voltage range : DC 4.5-23V (Please leave adequate leeway)
  • Output voltage range : DC 0-20.0V
  • Minimum voltage difference : 3V ( Vin - Vout >/= 3V)
  • Output current : Maximum 2A
  • Output power :  Maximum 30W
  • Ripple frequency: About 330 KHz
  • Ripple peak to peak value :50mv (typical value)
  • Voltage display resolution: 100mV, input voltage/ output voltage dual display
  • Adjustable output voltage error : +/- 0.1v
  • Adjustable output voltage resolution:100mv
  • IN+: Input positive
  • IN- : Input negative
  • OUT+ : Output positive
  • OUT- : Output negative

Three display modes:
  • The top three digits is voltage value and the fourth is state. When the fourth is flashing, voltage output is closed. When the fourth is not flashing, voltage output is open.
  • The preset voltage display mode a : [ 12.0.a. ]
  • Input voltage display mode b :  [ 12.0.b ]
  • Output voltage display mode c :  [ 12.0.c  ]

Auxiliary display icon:
  • The preset voltage has been stored before power down: [  -0  ]
  • Shortcut storage 1 voltage value : [  12.0 - ]
  • Shortcut storage 2 voltage value : [  12.0 = ]
  • Shortcut storage 1 voltage has been stored :  [  -1  ]
  • Shortcut storage 2 voltage has been stored :  [  -2  ]

key function instruction:
  • SET: The preset voltage set. store the preset voltage before power down
  • M1: Switch up in display mode. turn the preset voltage up. extract or store Shortcut storage 1 data
  • M2: Switch down in display mode. turn the preset voltage down. extract or store Shortcut storage 2 data
  • ON/OFF: Open or close voltage output

Operating instructions:
  • The use case of the mode can be divided into normal use and shortcut storage use. In both cases, voltage output is closed and opened by pressing on/off button. at the same time, the digital tube flashing or not flashing corresponds to open or close.   

Normal use:
  • Adjusting output voltage: pressing SET button, the digital tube switches automatically to the preset voltage display mode a. when the first digit of the digit tube starts flashing, press shortly M1 or M2 to add or subtract value. In the meaning time, you must guarantee that the preset voltage is lower than the output voltage 3v (when the voltage difference is insufficient, the key will not be able to continue to increase the preset voltage). The mode switches to adjust the second and third digit value by pressing shortly SET key in turn. As press shortly M1 or M2 to add or subtracts the value. After adjusting the third digit value, the adjusting voltage mode will quit. In the process of adjusting voltage, if voltage output mode is on by pressing ON/OFF key, output voltage value will be immediately updated. If the mode off, there will be not output voltage by adding or subtracting the value.
  • Switching display: when the module is not in the state of adjusting the preset voltage, the display mode will be upturning by pressing shortly M1 key, like mode c, mode a, mode b in turn. and the display mode will be page down by pressing shortly M2 key, like mode a, mode b, mode c in turn.
  • Store the preset voltage before power down: If you want to use the present preset voltage at the next time of using the module, you should store the preset voltage. Keep pressing SET key until [ -0 ] appears, and then loosen the key, indicating the preset voltage has been stored.    

Shortcut storage use:
  • Extract Shortcut storage voltage value: Keep pressing M1 or M2 key until [ 12.0- ] or [ 12.0= ]  appears, then loosen the key, indicating the preset voltage has been extracted. And then you press shortly ON/OFF key .So the Shortcut storage voltage will take effect. If the voltage output mode is open before extracting Shortcut storage voltage, new output voltage will be the shortcut storage voltage after pressing shortly ON/OFF again. If the voltage output mode is off before extracting Shortcut storage voltage, there will be not output voltage t after pressing shortly ON/OFF. So you need to press shortly ON/OFF key, new output voltage will be the shortcut storage voltage.
  • Store shortcut storage voltage value:  Keep pressing M1or M2 key for one second until  [ 12.0 - ]  or [ 12.0 = ]  appears, then the display voltage is the original shortcut storage voltage. And keep pressing the key until the new shortcut storage voltage to write flashes in the digital tube. And continue to keep pressing the key until [ -1 ] or [ -2 ]  appears, indicating the shortcut storage voltage 1or the shortcut storage voltage 2 has been stored.

  • 1, When you do not use the module or adjust the preset voltage, the voltage output will be advised to be closed in case of wrong operation of high voltage to burn the load.
  • 2, Make sure that the setting voltage is lower than output voltage 3v at least.
  • 3, The input voltage must be under 23v and 23v is the highest Voltage. Please leave adequate leeway, otherwise burn it.
  • 4, please do not let you hand touch the key pin, Otherwise affect the normal use.
  • 5, When the input voltage drops and cannot satisfy that the input voltage is higher the preset voltage about 3v, the module will automatically shut down output to prevent the module damage.      
  • 6, If the module is used under strong sunshine, the digital tube brightness will be affected. So we do not advise you to use the module under strong sunshine.
  • 7, When the module is used at full capacity, please pay attention to keep ventilation and heat dissipation of the module.
  • 8, there is not constant current control unit in the module. so when voltage output is open, Please do not short circuit and recharge the battery in order to avoid damage.

Package included:

  • 1x DC/DC Converter Voltmeter Display

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